Fashion Design, BA (Hons)

This Fashion Design Degree Show is the chance to showcase the class of 2020 fashion designers. Unlike any other year these students could not have a fashion show but have used their resilience and creativity to respond to the situation.

Each student compiled a digital portfolio that highlights their breadth of fashion knowledge and diversity. Folios include highly creative design solutions alongside commercial practice. They include manufacture skills, illustration skills and highlight versatility, which is so essential in today’s designers. Each student responded to the brief of designing a collection in a highly personal way with most considering sustainability and innovative textile solutions such as growing crystals onto fabrics, hand-painted folk designs, intricate, laser-cut ‘couture recycled’ leather coats to a mash up of heels and trainers and handbags that become tops.

In a world where digital outcomes are becoming ever more present, our students prove that they are ready for the challenge in the way they turned this whole situation around in such a positive way.

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