Fashion Promotion, BA (Hons)

With absolute pride we present to you the work of our graduating Fashion Promotion students in the class of 2020. We invite you to be inspired by the wonderful work created through the most unusual of circumstances.  They have worked tirelessly, with passion and commitment and above all with heart, and our first digital showcase is reflective of their own styles and interests and the breadth of possibilities our course covers.

 This year you will see projects that consider strong social trends on sustainability and how we can reduce our consumption of fast fashion, smart beauty concepts that tap into new technology through to experienced based restaurants that educate. Our Styling students have explored personal projects on the complexities of isolation, changing faces, Blackpool, Drag Queens, Armour and Mental Health to name a few.  Styling students noticed things that they may not have done in the usual circumstances during the latter part of final year. Our students are invited to stretch what industry is about using their graphics, marketing and styling skills to communicate new ideas that innovate, celebrate and prompt change.

With two clear defined pathways either in Promotion or Styling our students are multi-skilled curious, and creative. They have shown absolute tenacity and creative flex in creating intelligent work this year and they are well paced to lead and contribute to the ever-changing fashion industry.

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