MA Fine Art Interim Show

The students and staff on the MA Fine Art course, have endured unusual and disturbing circumstances, which are now the norm across the world. Physical contact has been replaced by domestic isolation and virtual social gatherings, filling our once personal living spaces with the sounds and faces of fellow travellers from across great distances.

Together, we have had to embrace creative thinkers in the virtual world and encourage strategists to Zoom debates around the ever-changing cultural landscape. As creative practitioners we relish the challenge of making new ground, pushing things into new spaces and this year has certainly been one of new and unexpected twists and turns.

This year's Interim Show, reflects the experiences of 25 creatives who continue to push the boundaries of their individual practices, and it is testament to the determination, enthusiasm and innovation, all of which is expressed in an exhibition of dark recesses, intimate awakenings, proximal encounters, and dreamlike palette schemes.

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