Robin Fanner

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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The work is a representation of the circuitousness of one’s life and how those meanderings, howsoever travelled, can be satisfactorily transcribed.

Two compositions of seemingly similar drawn images are presented in proximity to each other as one artwork, deliberately to create a ruptured space. The drawings are made so that the viewer, through the interconnectedness of the individual scenes, may either determine a route through them or misunderstand it and become temporarily lost, as is so often the way of things.

The images in the two pieces are derived from a walking project interrupted by undetermined events and for an undisclosed period, that when re-walked maintained the same route, start and endpoints. By focussing on the interruption and restart I sought to consider how an irresistible feeling of loss could be addressed with intention when directed towards another outlet, by adopting a creative approach and with the benefit of passed time. New imagery of the route exaggerated further the separation of start and end, dictating that the two distinct compilations of drawings should co-exist but not combine.

The tiled, pictorial style provides simple vignettes of urbanscapes that the viewer is compelled to associate with the broader theme, which is ultimately unresolved in the conundrum imposed by distancing the sets of drawings.