Laiba Haroon

Master of Interior Design

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A ‘24’ hour public space provides experience for people that is sustainable and close to nature at a bridge of an Avenham and Miller park. It is designed for people to enjoy at any hour of the day.

The design of a ‘Multi-use theatre café’ reignites history, memories, feelings and senses amidst nature while manipulating interiors through transition of space with each hour of the day. The design is developed with the exploration of the concept of sustainability from a ‘macro’ level form to a ‘micro’ level interiors and details. The structure, form and its plan has been designed respecting the concept and the surroundings.

The interiors depicts a simple concept which turns the aura of spaces magical and dreamy. The interiors focus on natural light which allows the users to focus on each hour of day as it converts into dark nights which are illuminated with moon. It creates an experiential theatre and café which manifests the dramatic phenomenon of light. Incorporating nature, rain has been used as a feature for interiors and pipe installation over stairs converts the wind into music. The space creates another experience even when there is less or no sunlight. Thus it lets the people to focus on nature which provides peacefulness in our busy routines.

This simple yet artistic interiors are kept dark and unique from its surroundings to let the light illuminate it. The designed interiors incorporate diverse spaces to suit different users from social, interactive spaces ‘performing area’ to a quiet, self-reflective ‘breathing spaces’.

This project strengthens the link between nature and humans, and bridges a path in making an awareness regarding upcycling, re-using and re-adapting in structures and interiors for a better and healthy environments.