Maria Abbott

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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Maria Abbott. (BA). MA Fine Art.

Artwork: A day in lock down 2019-2020. MA-001. 2020 

A personal representation of what lock down was like for me and my family due to Covid-19. This piece was created using materials available to me around the home during lock down. I used as a blueprint the floor plan of my own house; this then formed a background for work. I collated a list of daily activities in the form of a diary page or daily log. This then became a continuous piece of writing which was written without taking my pencil off the paper, (this was to communicate all things during lock down interlinked and rolled from one activity into another).Then I investigated with cutting the writing into separate sentences and then stitched them back together, this was to create a visual reference to the continuation of my day(s) during lock down, they seemed to roll from one day to another, I wanted to communicate a continuous loop, it was then was placed on and around the background. I took photographs of the artwork from different viewpoints to create a visual uncertainty and state of chaos, this is how I felt during the pandemic. During my research into the types of artworks made during the current pandemic, the term Covidism became apparent, it was suggested by, (Warren, J. 2021), during an artist teams meeting. Historical artists have also worked in isolation or solitude and, ‘can be of very great benefit.’(Bourgeois, L. 1911- 2010). I have revisited how I can re imagine, reclaim and re-use materials that are normally dis-guarded, and how as an artist I can and do my part in lowering my households waste materials going into landfill sites. It also became clear that art was materializing through the mediums of, painting, drawing and photography, but of views out of windows. I decided to include a frame to my piece to create an artwork with the concept of looking into my window, sort of ‘through the looking glass’.