Dot Sycamore

Master of Surface Pattern and Textiles

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“A Doorway Through Time” is a biophilic exploration into an Art Nouveau portal. It investigates the wonder of nature around my home in Mid Wales and the reasons why it is so wonderful to bring the outside in, to work with nature rather than against it. Developing modern watercolour techniques, I draw and paint from the photographs that I take of the places, trees, shrubs, birds, bugs and all things natural that inspire me most. I seek to celebrate this magical sense of beauty through my experiences that I then direct into my art.

I transform these motif’s into pattern designs that decorate a multitude of surfaces for interior design. Also for the many surfaces that patterns can be applied to such as cards, stationery, gift wrap, and other products.

Inspired by The Art Nouveau I seek to capture these special moments as I immerse myself in the beautiful, nature-filled places of Mid Wales.

“…art will make our streets as beautiful as the woods, as elevating as mountain-sides…all the works of man that we live amongst and handle will be in harmony with nature…” William Morris (Poulson 1989, p.162).



Poulson, C. 1989. Flora And Fauna. In: William Morris. London: Eagle Editions, Quintet Publishing