Adam Kay

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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For my Final year I did a total of 8 projects one of which was a failure, this was an attempt to do ‘Speech to Text’ In Unreal engine so it will not be included.

First semester prototype tasks:

Turn based combat RNG RPG – ‘What’s yours is mine.’

Second semester Prototypes:

Puzzle game with a training system – ‘Cuboid’.

Mobile game, reverse rhythm – ‘Meteor Madness’.

‘Speech to Text’ game – untitled

Developer game, where you manipulate variables with a UI in game using scroll bars – Dev game

Quick time event game, also getting used to sequencers and animation blueprints – ‘I am John Wick’.

Create a series of designer friendly Blueprints that are taken from Until Dawn – ‘Until Dawn Mechanic Recreate’.

Full year project:

Recreate ‘Risk of Rain’s’ Systems to get a close copy using Blueprints and a document published by a third party – Morph

‘What's yours is mine’.

This was a project that took me a full semester to complete and after realizing an RPG was too wide a scope and after countless bug fixes I turned to prototyping.