Molly Holmes

Master of Fine Art

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My work focuses on adaptive architecture and Climate change, while simultaneously featuring elements of architecture seen in day to day life. Each piece is a depiction of a location I have created specifically designed to incorporate elements of architecture relevant to the severe weather events experienced in that specific region of the globe. From wildfires in Australia to Typhoons in Japan. Each piece highlights the adaptation of architecture in each location.


 Globally natural disasters are occurring with increasing frequency every year, with the impact and aftermath of these events often being very difficult to deal with. My drawings explore the different approaches that can be taken around the world to help lessen the impact of the climate disasters once they strike. 

These pieces explore how architecture could be adapted and developed to deal with the specific climate threats within that region. From the structural supports of buildings to shaping the land around it. I use the different segments that each piece is split into to convey different pieces of information. Modelling the shape each image is split into from the outline of roads on maps based on the location of each piece.