Thomas Kershaw

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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My practice has become a deconstruction of classical art imagery. I take reference from traditional statues and sculptures sited in museums I have visited, and I paint them in such a way that leaves the layered construction of the painting visible.

The formal qualities of the sculpture, such as facial features, are enhanced by the natural light found in the museum settings encountered. I mainly capture these forms using traditional methods with oil painting, but I have also combined these techniques with digital technology as a way to place classicism in the modern-day. Appropriately, I use a limited and monochromatic colour palette.

Museums are an important aspect of my project, as I respond to their collections to create my own archive that reflects working-class issues. I have primarily engaged with museums across the North West, such as the Walker Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery, in addition to museums in London and Edinburgh.