Jemma Baldwin

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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Project 1 - Temple of Antithesis

The PINK TEMPLE is a community space located on the North shore of Blackpool. Unlike a traditional temple, the spaces provided  within the complex are for multi-cultural worship or meditation. The key areas within are a space for gathering, spaces for shared interaction and spaces for individuals to reflect. I wanted to design a temple with no link to religion just shared experiences which could be inclusive to all religions, ethnicities, genders and orientations. A space for everyone to inhabit.

Project 2 – Made in Blackpool:

The SOCIAL PLATFORM rejects the existing social ‘edge’ between resident and tourist. The resident will specialise in 3D ceramic craft aiding the visiting tourist in the creation of a memorable souvenir to support the local economy through all seasons. The SOCIAL PLATFORM permeates existing edge conditions to create communal spaces maintained and owned by the community of Blackpool.