Aram Potter

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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I have made 2 games for my final year projects, and have focused on the use of VFX for both games.

Lost Elements Game: 

As this was a more game design focused project I focused on game-play, environment and VFX to make a fun and visually appealing game.

The basis of the game entails the player controlling 2 characters which they can switch between, both a fire character and a water character. Their own unique abilities are used to complete puzzles to progress through the game and lift the curse that has been set upon a tomb beneath a pyramid.

Wizard's Playground:

I created this game which includes magic, as I thought it would be an effective way of showcasing my abilities with VFX and also test my limits so that I can improve my skills. This is because with making a game that is based around magic, there are many opportunities and possibilities to create VFX to have a visual representation of the player's magical abilities.

Wizard's Playground includes a world in which you play as a wizard. The player can test out their magical abilities, create potions and just have fun with the mechanics and VFX and be creative within a 3D space.