Edie-Mea McCartney

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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I am an Artist and Illustrator

My current work is a response to cultural , political and social situations in Northern Ireland, where I am from. I challenge notions of false identity and misrepresentation through an exploration of everyday objects and events, focusing on items associated with stereotypes and tackiness such as gift shop items. I like objects that are relatable on some level, through their content, texture or function as a cultural object. I like the idea that these items are all overlooked. That they are both sentimental and pointless at the same time. Originally I was going to make a fully functioning pop up shop for this project , generating one to one interactions with the general public and not limited to a gallery context. Due to recent events I was unable to do so but I have continued exploring this idea, and moved onto an online platform. Posting an illustration on Instagram everyday has made this body of work available to all audiences.