Chloe Beetham

Photography, BA (Hons)

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My photography takes an examination of social and communication issues. Within this project, it is a fine art portrait project. The project is about showing the natural beauty of the skin. We become so self-absorbed in social media and editing images. However, social media gives a false sense of reality. Social media is used in everyday life, but it can be used to promote items just by using a simple #ad or #gifted. The hashtags are simple to look for within the search bar. On the other hand, it glorifies perfectly edited images stripping away natural beauty. We take advantage of social media and the positivity it can bring. However, it brings negativity to people. The use of editing brings a false sense of reality and what people truly look like behind the screen. What I’ve done within this project is brought true beauty from behind the screen forwards. I’ve photographed the human body in natural forms. Different surfaces, layers and folds are beautiful. Within this period editing images for online purposes is easy. We don’t realize our skin is a work of art. What we see online of perfect skin is a narrative and shows a fantasy. The images layered represent all the layers our bodies have. No matter how much we damage our skin it replenishes. The skin breaking through paper represents our skin fighting back. Also, representing that our skin is taken for granted. However, social media controls our lives and it becomes a place to harshly judge other bodies. What I want the audience to take away is it is ok to show the natural beauty.