Bethany Kelly

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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During my final year at UCLan I created 3 projects: 2 diorama environments called ‘Witch’s House’ and ‘Woodland Shrine’, and also a 3D Voxel FPS game called ‘CakeAway’.

Diorama Projects:

Witch’s House

A 3D diorama environment inspired by the concept of the classic Witch, as portrayed throughout classical literature and media.

My aim for this project was to capture the character and personality of the classic Witch within the environment, without the Witch actually being present.

I took inspiration from literature such as Hansel and Gretel by Brothers Grimm and films such as The Wizard of Oz to really grasp an idea of what elements make up the classic Witch.

I created all 3D assets in Maya, before creating hand-painted textures in Photoshop. Finally, I composed the scene in Unreal Engine and added some visual effects to really bring the scene to life and add that extra layer of character.

Woodland Shrine

A 3D diorama environment inspired by the idea of an enchanted forest.

The scene depicts a long-forgotten place with a magical aura, untouched and forgotten about – but some magic still remains, and the surrounding woodland has flourished in its presence.

I took inspiration from fantasy literature such as The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien and the classic depiction of ‘Good Magic’ and Fairies throughout pop culture and media.

I created all 3D assets in Maya, before creating hand-painted textures in Photoshop. I composed the scene in Unreal Engine and added some visual effects to really bring the scene to life and make the forest feel alive.

Game Project:


CakeAway is an FPS tower-defence voxel game in which the player must defend a giant cake from angry chefs.Playing as a character called The Secret Ingredient, you must defend your pride and joy – a giant cake made using your secret signature recipe – from hordes of Angry Chefs who are intent on getting their hands on it. I created all 3D assets in MagicaVoxel, a free voxel editor, based off 2D designs that I created using Photoshop. I then used these assets to develop my game using Unreal Engine