Ruby Coupe

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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Biophilia/Solastalgia (2020) is a project that focusses on an endangered woodland situated in Blackpool, Lancashire. Encountering this site has made me question how we as humans stop noticing the little things that are important and beneficial, and the project digs down to a microscopic level to uncover the layers of biodiversity within the woodland. My intention is to make the audience realise we are directly responsible for climate change, we are guardians of nature and the earth, for ourselves and future generations. There is an urgency to make them understand that we need nature to thrive and to consider the impact of urban sprawl and its damaging effects on the earth and our wellbeing. Currently we live in a time where the Anthropocene and climate change are subjects of mass debate and there is already so much written about this subject and so much more to learn. My visual art practice is connected to eco activism, the Anthropocene and urban sprawl.