Ann Capewell

Master of Ceramics

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I am making ceramics for a domestic garden setting, complementing and contrasting natural growing forms.  By using a modular construction I offer future owners /users the option to be involved in the in the final design by choosing the colour, shapes and order of components in a water feature or totem. My range also includes functional items such as bird baths, lights and planters, that will also happily serve as purely decorative focal points.


I use handbuilding techniques including plaster press moulds to make hollow forms in grogged high fired stoneware clay, then create surface texture enhanced with my own range of coloured glazes. These are physically and visually strong pieces suitable for leaving outside all year.


I am inspired by curved forms of all kinds, especially those which repeat and evolve; ‘armadillo’ architecture, potato fields, carved stone drapery and ripples in water. I take my tools for a waltz on the clay, reflecting the elements of the garden: breezes, movement and growth, water and light.  Soil and nurture are represented by the impressed dotted forms where my stamp has hopped on the surface. Sound is created by water cascading down a piece or the force of wind on ceramic.


My MA research has involved extensive testing and retesting in order to solve the technical and artistic challenges of my brief.  Ceramics is an intensely ‘hands on‘ discipline.  Covid 19 necessitated an interruption to study at UCLan, so these images show work in development and not my final pieces.  The concepts however will remain the same; to provide beautiful ceramics which enhance the garden and inspire the soul.