Chloe McNee

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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NB. Views and opinions of students in the degree show are their own and do not represent the views of the University.

My work has focused on developing digital images of the area around where I live, based on my exploration of newly observed locations. The process involves using selected photographs from these investigations as templates for digital drawings to develop from; a practise that is starting to unfold from basic drawings to ones with added complexity and texture.

Preston’s Moor Park served as a starter location for the work but has since expanded as new and interesting places revealed themselves to me. Features in the expanded landscape caused me to rethink the park as a series of interconnected locations and not just as a whole unit. A prime location of interest has been the Lancaster Canal where contradictions and juxtapositions occur around every sweeping bend.

The featured image of the Lancaster Canal has shown me possibilities of using buildings and industrial architecture in the drawings, the complex angular shapes contrasting with the tactile stonework. Architectural features have previously used been as motifs while now their location and use status has become explorable material.

In working from initial line drawings, the subjects remove themselves from being purely traces of the original, taking on their own position as aesthetic interpretations and abstractions.