Chloe McNee

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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In my work I have been exploring landscapes, specifically in relation to how I can present them alongside domestic furniture. I have been creating small scale landscapes on furniture using papier- mâché, which looks very similar to snow when it's white and similar to rock when combined with watered down black ink. Making my work as realistic as possible is not something I am too bothered about, I want my work to make people think of the natural landscapes but for them to know it is handmade. The key part of my work is the consideration of scale, as mountains, trees, or hills are depicted on a domestic scale.
At the point of lockdown enforced by the coronavirus pandemic and the closing of the studios my work had to change because I had to downscale. The result was that painting began to take a more dominant role in my work and it is this that I have been able to successfully develop at home.
I have developed a series of paintings that still maintain the relationship to landscape in subject, in context and in scale. The idea of repetition developed whilst working on these paintings, this I see as a response to the monotony of lockdown.