Shanuiqe Benze

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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NB. Views and opinions of students in the degree show are their own and do not represent the views of the University.

Artist Statement 

Shaniuqe Benze 

My virtual studio space is my laptop. I use 2D images taken in a 3D virtual world called Second Life, uploading them into photo editing programs which then starts a process of deconstructing my images. I have developed my digital art based on my avatar inworld which has given me the opportunity to create and exhibit my art to a virtual audience anonymously. 

My creative process and how I want my images to look reflects my social identity within the virtual world; considering physical, social, & mental elements of whichever race/ethnicity I choose to identify with and how it affects me being perceived in different groups in the inworld community. I express myself by deconstructing the identity of my avatar.