Debbie Yare

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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My artistic practice is concerned with understanding, recording, and translating direct experiences of the landscape and places that I visit and inhabit from day-to-day. For as far back as I can remember I have spent as much time as possible walking in the outdoors, learning ways of communicating with my surroundings, and searching for meaning within them. These are not passing visits. I return repeatedly to the same locations; often places I have known since childhood. There is a reassuring repetition in this process, yet the experience is varied and continues to evoke an increasing sense of wonder as time goes by. 

Photography, drawing and painting have been my primary focus for several years, but as part of a natural progression within the work I have recently begun to experiment with video. I have a particular interest in aspects of time and duration in relation to place and spend as much time out in the field as possible. It is important to me that the work should ’embody’ an experience, rather than to create a straightforward visual representation. 

Over the last year whilst access to resources and travel have been limited, I have been making much more of my work on foot, ‘straight out of my pocket’ using a notebook, pen, pencil and my mobile phone. Rather than being restrictive, focusing on these relatively uncomplicated things has enabled me to respond in the moment, and to experiment more freely with ideas relating to movement, time, and duration. As a result, my practice has developed in ways I could not have anticipated. 

My home is on the edge of Morecambe Bay. During lockdown I began to walk with the tides every day, falling into step with them, arranging other commitments around them: shifting the balance of my life. In doing so I began to question what it really means to inhabit wild or remote places and how that might correspond with events taking place in the wider world.

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