Mary Morgan

Master of Ceramics

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For my MA Degree I have been studying the coast close to where I live and exploring how I might capture the essence of the coast in ceramic pieces. As a result of my original research I decided to focus on two aspects of the coast. The first was the vastness of the sea, sand and sky,  and the second was the narratives, both historical and contemporary, associated with this particular coast line. The shore consists of wide beaches bordered by sand dunes. The landscape is constantly changing, the sand dunes shift in shape and size, the undulations of the beach are always different. The skies vary in colour and atmosphere.  The tidal reach is deep, so depending on the time of year, there are days when the sea is scarcely visible, and days when is is pounding right up at the dunes. The coastline is also rich in history from neolithic times to the present day.  Many ceramicists have been inspired by their local landscapes and I have been using mine to provide a number of colour palettes and ideas for my work. After experimenting with a range of techniques and different clays, I am now handbuilding larger pieces in a grogged clay, and working more with slips, underglazes and glazes to create the sense of wide panoramas of sand and sky. I need to work on refining techniques, to sort out some compatability issues with materials, and work on ideas for incorporating narratives into my pieces. The work in this portfolio is ‘work in progress’, not completed degree work.