Jennene Whiteley

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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NB. Views and opinions of students in the degree show are their own and do not represent the views of the University.

Jennene Whiteley

I am an Autobiographical and activist artist who questions Power and Control through the uncanny. 

I am focused on how I have shielded myself from facing past traumas and how I have ‘lost’ some memories. My practice is about recognising my shadows’ symptoms to uncover what lies hidden and begin a process of healing.

Perplexing questions of the beastly co-exists with the beauty present in humanity, the stench of injustice. The merry-go-round of power forces me to face my past and the choices I have subsequently made. 

To detach from my shadows and shed light on them, I enter the depths of my soul. In my dreams, night terrors and visions, I travel. I am observing the World through an artificial lens.

Reverting my mind back-in-time and having a dialogue with my inner-child, I search for the toys I played with, some I kept safe and others I dissected. The lore of the playground games and rhymes become audio-worms, stuck in my mind.

With vintage drawing tools, I conjure.  A dark sense of mystery greets the playfulness discovery of the everyday.  I seek, I find, I discover and uncover. I bring these hunted tools and sounds back into my life, a sense of nostalgia with a quiet discontent. They offer loneliness, longing, satisfying escapism.

Abuse, violence and suppression – my art speaks out, for me, for sufferers gone whose stories may never be known, for those being subjected to trauma now and for those tormented soles to come. 

The magic of playing is innocence and exploration and continues through into my adult life to shine and prevail.