Layla Green

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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My work highlights the challenging lifestyles that people face amid the ever-evolving technological advancements of the 21st Century. Almost everything we do has a relation to the digital and I am interested in the consequences of our addiction to constantly feel connected. Through painting, I emphasise how mobile phones and our commitment to social media has influenced our personal relationships and daily function. I want my paintings to convey this without there being an obvious visual thread. I depict symbolic references that invite the viewer to consider how social media platforms can affect perceptions of oneself and others, and how technology can disrupt face-to-face relationships.

I interpret my personal everyday into painting, working from images taken on a mobile phone that capture my own surroundings and personal experiences. The photographs are taken through a plastic bag. The plastic creates a barrier and draws attention to the complexities and concerns of technology that have changed our encounters, connectivity, and experience. It emphasises the ruin on our personal visions of life and highlights the ominous effects technology can have, exposing how it is consuming us.