Kerry Tenbey

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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Everything evolves given enough time…

In the still and static, a fattening, devouring moss, has started accumulating and multiplying on the surface of old ideas. It slowly reclaims our man-made, artificial material scapes, whilst we are preoccupied in sprawling digital realms, consuming huge amounts of data to replace physical connections.  

My research continues to explore materials and how they shape individual and collective identity. Materials can absorb information about places, people, and events. But how can we access this knowledge and what can we learn from it? 

Making is a gateway to deeper understanding. Through a process of analysing, cataloging and experimenting with both found and man-made materials, I produce material compositions which attempt to reveal and visualise the stored data trapped within. I have been reflecting on the relationships between man-made materials, natural materials and the point in which they intersect. I am fascinated at how effortlessly the natural world can swallow man-made objects and structures. 

My latest work considers this union and how we label things as natural or unnatural, both when we think about our material surroundings and our place within them. 

These visual tests and my methodical way of documenting materials will generate a larger body of work which embodies all aspects of this important process. I continuously strive to release and conceptualise the stored data in materials and the connections between us and our material world. It is my firm belief that we are part of a network of energy and to understand ourselves and the way we are, we must understand material agency.