Vernon Wroe

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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Through my work I aim to explore what video game remasters / remakes are and how they affect the industry.

Almost everyone will understand what these are, yet not much study has been done in regards to their overall impact. Since the early days of gaming, remasters have always been around in one form or another. Going by many different labels such as collections, ports, re-release etc. However, it wasn’t until one company decided to re-release their older games for a newer generation in a collective bundle with added features, such as: higher resolution, better textures, more bug fixes and so on, did remakes and remasters really start to gain traction.

Ever since then, these types of releases have steadily become mainstream, with many titles being remastered for a newer generation. Yet, this is not always a good thing. Whilst the majority of said re-releases are great, there are many that are not.

These are the ones that a studio has quickly re-released with no extra effort to justify being a remaster yet will market it as such. In some rare cases these releases can often end up being worse than the original.

So, through my work I aim to show that, remakes & remasters are both beneficial to the industry and how some can be a hindrance. Through my projects, I show that with a little bit of effort, that if a lone developer can re-create a game similar to how it would be re-made officially, and to a good standard. Then what excuse do studios have for such poor re-releases.