Jessica Bowness

Master of Fine Art

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NB. Views and opinions of students in the degree show are their own and do not represent the views of the University.

My work involves layering small fragments of MDF board with a mixture of paint and other substances. Substances include baby oil, different types of glue, water, kitchen cleaner and pigments. I am exploring ideas of process, control and mark making. Listening to the materials and share the process with them. I collect them and put them together, but then my part is complete. The next step is up to them. Whether they blend or disagree with each other, how they dry, if they dry. Letting the materials have control for this stage allows them to do whatever they want and not have me interfering.

My work allows people to see what the materials done, have that first-hand reaction the same way I have when I look back at the boards once they are dry. They can start to guess what has been used where and why one part is cracking or why another part is shiny while the rest is matte. I want the audience to engage with my work and question it.

The back of my work also shows the physical process of the work. I think it is important to show people the details of putting work together. The physical effort of attaching the boards together the right way using a marking system or numbers and seeing what is holding is all together. This side tells the story of when I am in control of my work and how it came to be. For me my work is never to be taken too seriously, I have marks where I wrote the same number twice and had to alter it, boards that have drawings on that I did not want to cover up, scribbles of notes for measurements. It shows the full thought process of the artist.