Rikki Kirby

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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My practice is concerned with addressing, responding to, and understanding the effects of issues within contemporary society. Within my practice I create conceptual art; art in which the idea or concept takes precedence over traditional aesthetic, material concerns, and the execution of my work.

I aim to create work that provokes questions, that pinpoint and highlight issues that are imposed upon us by western society and how they affect and impact upon the human condition. It is vital to create an awareness surrounding these issues and the effects that they have; this is even more crucial now given the current pandemic.

Depending upon the concept, my work takes on different forms and self-determines a discipline to best depict my idea. Interruption is the outcome of a body of work titled Contemporary Anxiety in which I explored the effects and reasons for anxiety in contemporary society.

Influenced by the recent pandemic and lockdown, Interruption is a video piece based on the idea that during the lockdown people are watching the world through their windows. The piece heightens the feeling of isolation, the tedious lockdown routines, and the constant interruptions to daily life.