Danielle Chappell Aspinwall

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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NB. Views and opinions of students in the degree show are their own and do not represent the views of the University.

Danielle’s Fine Art and Social Practitioner roles interconnect an integral golden thread through people, to place, nature and wellbeing, creating formats of social cohesion, through social dialogue, fun, doodles and play. Discovering interventions through autoethnography approaches to explore self-identity through her art practice, resulting in creative antidote’s as processed conversational pieces or interventions she shares through pedagogy.

Her advocacy explores subtle ways to influence everyday people to reduce consumption and think twice about waste to reduce landfill, encouraging the ‘reuse or remake’ ethos with links to places in her visual art work, refer to ‘Fun→ Cohesion one word leading into another’. A discarded beachball that leads questions to fun and play but also the discarded high consumerism and disregard society, plastics, carbon footprint and fast fashion that pollute our waters and air. The threat of melting ice-caps washing out our coastlines of memories of the past gone from our beaches and landscapes with an influence of Ecofeminism birthing in her process.

Covid19 restrictions gave growth to nature when the first lockdown began, cleaner beaches and less carbon footprint was apparent, climate action looked hopeful with a need to protect our coastlines threatened with a disappearance underwater for future generations and communities became stronger through shared resilience and support.

"I believe our role as artists hold a responsibility to highlight things we believe in to help positive change as a society and to protect mother nature and each other."

Danielle’s permanent or temporary public art pieces, paintings, illustrations, contemporary textiles, and art installations also share advocacy, awareness of Mental Health and Neurodivergent hidden disability of ADHD and Dyslexia, creating voice for those who are often left behind with barriers.

Embracing with chance and eco-design her art connects people together in her visual artwork to local neighbours and a virtual community and her two children. Lockdown over the last 12 months has grown from independent research from accessing virtual online international events, building resilience of creative survival beyond just being a role of an artist, but a mother, a neighbour and an arts and wellbeing tutor.

It’s been a lifeline for some to be coping under a variety of Covid19 quarantines the power that art, nature, doodling and social dialogue can bring! Refer to ‘Isolation Booth’ community interventions or contact artist for further info...

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