Jacob Simpson

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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Level Design Portfolio

Over the course of my final year studying Games Design at UCLanI’ve worked on a total of 3 games, participated in the EGX 2019 London Game Jam and also taken part in the January 2020 Global Game Jam! 

I’ve developed numerous different games from Adventure games, free running and Couch co-op isometric games as follows 
1. Veramore - A Dungeons & Dragons inspired adventure game  
2. Electric Hurricane - Fantastic twist on the free running genre  
3. Roast Boy & Carvery Girl - Group project focusing on an isometric couch co-op game, working with fellow course mate Alex Keates
4. Nan Turismo - This is the game me and my team made at London EGX Jam 2019 
5. We Musk Save the World - My teams' game for the January Global Game Jam 

Software used: Unreal Engine 4. Maya. SketchUp. Adobe Photoshop 

This final year of my degree has been the most intense and enjoyable of my entire time here at UCLAN, so I hope you take the time to browse through my portfolio and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 
Finally, more Game design documents, Level design documents and more can be found on my website,

Thank you!