James Watt

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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During my final year of university, I managed my time to work on 2 main projects over the year, one being a game and the other being an environment/diorama.

Black Space is an adventure type game where you must find your way through the game and face certain challenges along the way. The game has a fantasy medieval style.

The game is a first and third-person game where the player has been taken to a place unknown to them so they must now find a way out. This game has four phases, it starts off in the black space, the kingdom, the ruined castle then the end of the road.

The Hanger is a Diorama which was designed to create a science fiction feel, including designing the ships inside with animation, where they will take off and move around in the environment.

The development of the environment went through many changes to get it where it was, from changing the textures to changing the whole look of certain models.