John Sarsfield

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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In my last year of Games Design, I worked on two projects

Lost in Prison – This is a Physics-based puzzle game where the player has to think outside of the box and use their environment successfully in order to progress. There is also a new threat inside the prison, automated Robot Guards fill the areas seeking the player out.

Anti-Virus – This is a First-Person, Arcade style shooter, set inside a virus riddled computer. You play as Anti-Virus software, eradicating the virus from the machine. The game is wave-based but also has a puzzling aspect that the player needs to balance along with the oncoming waves of enemies. By unlocking new areas of the game the player gains deeper access to the system, in the end removing the virus completely.

This project is inspired by wave-based shooter games such as Risk of Rain 2 and Call of Duty Zombies.  The visual style of highly contrasting emissive colours is inspired by TRON.

Developed using UE4 | Maya | Photoshop