Amy Kohl

Master of Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion

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KOHR is a slow fashion brand creating timeless, core pieces. KOHR is a credible, sustainable alternative to Fast Fashion. At KOHR we have three main focuses to ensure we are sustainably innovative: longevity, versatility and traceability.  

Our capsule collection consists of a few essential pieces of clothing that do not go out of fashion but remain seasonless and timeless. It consists of core neutral colours that can be dressed up or down. A capsule collection is the foundation of your wardrobe.

We are able to trace at least 90% of our fabrics, all the way down the supply chain, to where and who it was manufactured by. All of our fabric suppliers pay their staff a fair, living wage. 90% of our fabrics are organically produced and the last 10% or so use a better, more sustainable manufacturing process than the conventional material.