Samhitha Segireddy

Master of Design

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‘Lurking’  is a space created for visually impaired to visualise objects and space through their auditory perception using a technique called echolocation. This design allows you to learn and experience the technique to echolocate, in various circumstances that might be otherwise encountered as a difficult situation in reality. The secondary aim of the design is to minimalize the depression episodes and uplift their mental well-being using sensory stimulation.

This project enables one to learn and experience the procedure of echolocation through its elements and activities assembled in this structure. The method of Echolocation helps an individual to recognize the objects and navigate themselves by identifying the barriers utilizing the technique like bat sonar, which reflects the sounds waves from surfaces.

This project is designed to develop the knowledge of echolocation among the society, however, specifically concentrating on the visually impaired people. This echolocation helps people to visualize, navigate and locate themselves without the need of any guardian. Moreover, this changes the lifestyle of a visually impaired person to improve their mental ability and elude their depression.