Nathan Cox

Master of Photography

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“Mum needs a microwave”

Familiar spaces viewed anew due to a starvation of ‘scapes. Familiar as in I’ve seen these spaces before throughout my life, the subject’s nature touches on petroaesthetics, randomness and alcohol. The current wonder is what will happen to these spaces going forward. If photographed then they are captured, frozen in this time and forever held in a frame.

The work is initially about spaces in particular those spaces in between other spaces. Do we see them, how do they register to people who pass them every day and those who see them infrequently? Does photography elevate or diminish them? Are they mundane or extraordinary?

The second aspect of the work is about photography, it’s power, the performance of it and the way we look at imagery. How do photography projects come about? What is the value of photography in this current climate? Will everyone see these images through a screen? Have they any worth?

The world of supermodernity does not exactly match the one in which we believe we live, for we live in a world that we have not yet learned to look at. We have to relearn to think about space. “


Non-Places. Marc Augé. 1992.