Alyssa Haddow

Master of Fine Art

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I wanted to take a non-linear approach to exploring the expendability of materials. Keeping this a key statement in my mind while approaching my work. I decided that instead of interpreting mark making on a piece of paper, fabric or canvas. That I would use these mediums instead to do the mark making. Leaving a mark on our impression and how we see them.

Art is a language that all people possess the ability to understand, but only as much as we allow ourselves too. From the gust of wind on paper from a fan, to the rustling of fabric and the feeling against our skin. Hearing one’s own narrative when seeing simple things is due to the absence of much being there in the first place.

Capturing these feelings through simplistic and minimalist installations and subliminal text is how my Fine Art practice developed from conception. We get these feelings from literature, cinema, philosophers, and of course fellow artists. Caressing the senses through curiosity, the need to touch, and the satisfaction is continuously caressed through what I hope, is portrayed through my recordings.