Alice Bridges

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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The purpose of this project is to create a place for the local community to participate in producing a locally made souvenir for Blackpool, to reduce the amount of imported souvenirs currently being brought into Blackpool, this will in turn provide jobs for the  local community. Visitors and tourists will also be able to participate in making this souvenir as well as take home their gift. As well as these attributes, this site will also provide a community hub for the general public and the locals where they will beable to participate in the upkeep of the community garden which will provide food for the cafe as sell as use the new Bocce ball courts. The site is situated within the residential territory of Blackpool, this programme examines the insertion of architecture into a sensitive landscape giving its inhabitants an intimate and sublime experience with the site. The name of the project ‘Lux Pavilion’ orinated from the critical paths exploration, for the building to mirror and represent what is being created within the building. The new light of the community.