Hollie Burge

Master of Fine Art

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My practice is an exploration of place through methods of ‘mapping’, to create a visual representation of a chosen location. I often choose locations or themes within a place that go overlooked, exploring the location in detail to create a coalition of past, present, and future through visual representations such as actual maps, photography, illustrations, and text. I also experiment with methods of exhibition to challenge the notion of how artists can display work outside of gallery walls.

Mapping Preston High Street is a project I started to explore the high street of the city in which I live and work. I wanted to highlight areas of the high street that might go unnoticed or not thought about by shoppers. This includes real stories from retail workers - submitted anonymously; these stories give a voice to people who are silenced by the fear of their job security, while presenting a viewpoint from ‘the other side of the counter’. I have also explored the economic hardship that the high street has suffered recently, by focussing on stores that have had to shut permanently, or retail units that remain empty. There is also imagery from Preston in the past and present, as well as text and articles proving a well-rounded view of Preston High Street.

Presenting my work as an accordion book allows me to examine methods of exhibition, as it can be presented as a sculptural piece in a gallery or folded back to be read as a traditional book. This continues to challenge my artistic practice to find the most effective way to present work in many places other than a traditional gallery space.

Link to full book on Issuu: https://issuu.com/hollieburge/docs/mapping_retail_in_preston_city_centre