Briyanna Samuel

Master of Surface Pattern and Textiles

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My project is based on creating designs for wallpapers that explore how to promote feelings of comfort and satisfaction, while bringing liveliness and joy into a living space. This is especially important in this time when many of us are confined to our homes and have restricted access to the natural world. We are well aware of the importance of going outside and interacting in a natural environment is important for mental as well as physical health.

Influenced by playful trends from the fashion industry, I have added animal prints to some of my designs because they are rarely used in wallpaper design, while hinting of a wild world outside. This is my attempt to bring all aspects of nature inside, both plants and animals.

As my project concluded, I steered more towards purely floral wallpaper designs, choosing to use colours that play a big part in evoking feelings of warmth, peace and comfort. While creating beautifully enriching wallpaper is my intent, this alone isn't enough; my goal is to ensure the viewer has a strong positive reaction to being in their space, as well as feeling peace and calmness in their soul. It is more about what you feel, than what you see.