Nicola Hynes

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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Welcome to my 3rd year projects showcase portfolio! Here you will see the two projects I worked on in my final year of the Games Design undergraduate: “Alien Jungle” - an art exploration project and “Sleepless” – a horror set in virtual reality.
I hope you enjoy!

Alien Jungle – Environment Exploration Project:
This project was a journey of exploring several different techniques and medias in creating an alien jungle scene. I worked with 2D art, 3D designs using Tilt-Brush in VR where I was able to paint in 3D space, and lastly asset and scene design in Unreal Engine, where I also experimented with photogrammetry.

Sleepless – VR Horror Experience:
I am passionate about horror, so I really wanted to create a tense and thrilling experience that has people totally on edge.

“Sleepless” is an interactive horror experience/game built for play inside virtual reality based around the idea of sleep paralysis in which the player embodies a person in their bedroom at night, dark and alone.
Creepy sounds and events start happening around the player, and as the night goes on, weirder and weirder events start to happen…