Alexandria Eaves

Master of Fine Art

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A collection of 3 short videos to be traversed on Youtube to form a basic interview session based on the cartoon series "Steven Universe", lasting roughly 5 minutes per sequence of questions.

Whilst perusing my backlog of inspirational material I came across mention of the Preston based project “Piercing Brightness” which had taken some years and was about aliens appearing in the city. As I had already decided to address the subject of autism spectrum disorder in my project that year, I was motivated to create a massive project involving aliens; specifically, characters based on the cartoon “Steven Universe’s” sentient gem species, holding interviews with humans to attempt to convey the experiences of those on the spectrum whilst interacting with less receptive “professionals” on the subject. (This project was planned before the release of “Steven Universe Future” and contains no influence from this continuation series.)

Red edition features "Honey Red Andesine Labradorite", representing hyperbolic, conflict seeking media interviewers. Lavender Blue Chalcedony is in the Blue edition, as a medical professional who may be focused on old, outdated ideas. And finally Yellow Agate, a no-nonsense employer who has rigid, strict expectations that must be met. The identities of the characters participating in the interviews were predetermined but not the main draw to the audience, the viewer is to choose which interview to take based on which character they wish to interact with.

Each interview can be experienced as many times as the viewer chooses; set out using end cards inspired by the ambitious YouTube project "Heist with Markiplier" starring the titular YT let's player.

Honey Red Andesine Labradorite, Lavender Blue Chalcedony, Yellow Agate and Eggyolk Pearl where played by myself.

Filming and Black Pearl were performed by Pat Eaves.