Manayil Aamer

Fashion Design, BA (Hons)

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Pakistan – Asia’s Best Kept Secret…

Chitral Pakistan

The aim of my project is to change perspectives, educate my audience through fashion, improve tourism in the country: Show people what Pakistan really is – the true picture! Not many people know or understand the difference between PAKISTAN & INDIA and often get confused between the two countries because of certain similarities, but in fact they both are very different, especially in traditions, cultures and fashion. I want to influence many different people (vast audience) from this project and portray a true picture which not many people would know. The aim is to bring together the fusion of contemporary and traditional fashion, where the west meets the east. Through this project I have investigated one city of Pakistan, Chitral. There is a community in the city of Chitral called the Kalash Community. The people of Chitral/Kalasha are a unique group of people within Pakistan, with their own clothing, styling and traditions. I have incorporated my own traditional twist on contemporary fashion by exploring the eastern Pakistani side of fashion. My concept is a fusion of traditional attire inspiration from the north of Pakistan and contemporary on trend fashion (Western Fashion). Through my portfolio you can explore how traditional attires can be transformed into high end contemporary, catwalk worthy collections. I have hand painting my garments with the traditional embroidery from Chitral and also the famous ‘Pakistani Truck Art’ theme with a mixture of pastel and solid colours for the contemporary feature that give the collection a fresh and innovative look.

More importantly I want to create a positive image of my country (Pakistan) and educate my audience through fashion by portraying a message within my collections (Western & Eastern Audience).