Mark Pontanares

Architecture (Foundation Entry)

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Power and Production Pavilion 

The ‘Power and Production’ Pavilion refers to the aspects that inspire the design.

The Power of a strong community coming together is demonstrated by the people of Preston’s determination to keep the Preston Bus Station, eventually turning it into a Grade II Listed Building. Likewise the unity of the protesters around the world in support for the Black Lives Matter Movement express the same solidarity globally. The Production of artwork is intended for the whole community celebrating creativity and allowing it to be displayed, explored and admired by all.

The pavilion is a community led art space that can also function as a social space, situated on the New Pedestrian Square opposite the New Student Building and adjacent to the EIC Building. The pavilion is at the heart of the campus and welcomes visitors being placed in a prominent position beside the main road.

As a proposed shared space for both University students and members of the public, I utilised the social aspect of the pavilion design to allow for a social café or bar space with access to outdoor seating, as well as a possible extension on the ground level for other social activities. The café and bar also promote hospitality and entrepreneurship allowing users not only to socialise and explore in the pavilion and its exhibitions but would also include a social workspace.

The initial exhibition celebrates the work of Building Design Partnership (BDP), with a theme specifically relating to architecture, I focused on ‘redesign and redevelopment’ including Preston Bus Station and the Royal Albert Hall as some of the most iconic buildings that BDP has renovated.

The pavilion includes a maximum of three exhibition spaces, one on the Ground Floor and two on the First floor, accessible by stairs or disabled access by lift.

Each of the exhibition spaces will display items using modular walls to rearrange the room and adapt to the exhibition if necessary, as well as display tables and cabinets to accommodate some smaller exhibition items.