Jessica Warren

MA Fine Art Interim Show

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Quotidian is an example as to how Covid-19 has been my stimulus into new ways of working, leaving the studio to experience a post-studio practice that has gone on to me making site-specific artwork. I have been focusing on embeddedness and direct encounters to place as research and materials while aiming to generate a materiality and physicality of my journey into exploring place during a world-wide pandemic.
Quotidian explores the conditions of a residential street I had grown up on during ‘Lockdown 2.0’. I undertook notetaking as part of a grounding research method to embed myself back into a place I couldn’t physically be because of the restrictions laid upon us. The data I collected gave me the opportunity to think and rethink about place while being away from the space itself.

Quotidian studies the idea of time becoming a blur throughout the Lockdown. Life becoming repetitive, daily routines feeling more like chores. Minutes, hours, days passing by with no memory of what I had spent my time doing. Grounding myself into an embedded way of working has been the only way I have been able to break through the blur.