James Caunce

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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Red New York is a competitive board game¬†based in an apocalyptic New York City when¬†an other-worldly plague has invaded¬†the city.¬†¬†In this game,¬†players must pick the enemies they must all fight.¬†The goal of the game is to earn points from beating monsters in combat, the harder the enemy, the more points the player can earn from beating them. Red New York uses a ‚Äúrisk vs reward‚ÄĚ method¬†to encourage players¬†to try and eliminate their opponents¬†and earn more points¬†at the risk of their demise.¬†I added in more gameplay value and replayability by including item cards¬†and character cards to encourage players to play differently and be more strategic.¬†¬†
I like using the risk vs reward mechanic to influence how the players will play the game so basing a board game around this mechanic seemed like a fun project, it was just a matter of creating a weird and horrifying world for this game to take place in.  
Wielder is a top-down, point and click game, made in UE4, where you play as a flying sword that must destroy all robots. I wanted to make a game where I try to tie all the mechanics of the game together, as a result, the sword’s speed is their health and to increase their speed they must destroy robots. There are three types of robots, each increasing in difficulty and require the sword to move at a faster speed to deal damage. By connecting all the mechanics together, the entire game can be played with only the mouse, making it very accessible and easy to pick up.