Rene Kovac

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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My portfolio showcases character concepts as well as a 2D side scroller immersive adventure game along with some 3D work I did for the UCLAN Game Jam.

For my Honours Project I produced character turnaround sheets. The theme was 'Slavic gods' and was aimed at fantasy RPG games or MOBA games.

For my Game Proposal I created a 2D immersive adventure game set on an alien planet and in a mysterious forest called 'The Astraea Forest.'

UCLAN Game Jam- This was a 3 week game jam where we were given the theme of 'New Perspectives'. The game is called ‘The Kovach Test’ and is a psychological horror game based on your moral decisions. The goal of the game was to question your own morals and gain a whole new perspective.