Shannon Jackson

Art & Design (Foundation Entry)

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Due to the current state of the world in regard to COVID-19 and the current closure of universities, schools, non-essential shops, pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and the proposed lockdown, I have documented my self-isolation period via film, photography, observational/life drawing.

I wanted to use this extended period of unforeseen isolation in a positive way, I feel that in this very surreal, dystopian present day, I now have the time to explore previously overlooked aspects of myself and my home life. Often, within the usual state of the world, ‘The Rat Race’ – some might say, we take our home life for granted.

I have explored Adobe Premiere Pro at a more advanced level in order to document my isolation in a creative way. I have created a storyboard of my personal isolation; I wanted to communicate my personal struggles and strengths though-out this period.