Sophie McCreedy

Fashion Design, BA (Hons)

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My graduate collection, Celestial Opulence captures the mystical concepts surrounding star signs and horoscopes, focusing on my star sign, Sagittarius in particular. I explore the use of softer, fluid fabrics combined with effortless, free-flowing shapes, reminiscent of the bohemian silhouettes from the 1970’s, in deep, dark colours resembling the night sky and encrusted with unique embellishments that collectively bring this concept to life.

My self initiated project for Monsoon, Cosmic Dreams, was inspired by my graduate collection, Celestial Opulence. I wanted to stick to the theme of astology and star signs, but make it more fun, girly and child-friendly. I decided on a beautiful colour palette, inspired by dreamy skies and glitter and stars.
I wanted to keep the element of mystical beauty, so I have created little moon, star and planet embellishments that adorn some of the outfits.