Diana Levin

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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My collection is a combination of both Gemma’s to celebrate their attitude and enthusiasm for life, and how both are completely comfortable with their own body shape and their flexibility or lack of it. The sculptures have the personality of one and the flexibility of the other, together they are my Star collection, each sculpture celebrates the beautiful soul within. My sculptures are carefully moulded to create the unique balance of them both within each sculpture. My figurines were formed using stone ware clay and sculpted to transform each personality into a gymnastic pose. The inspiration for my work has been the two Gemma’s in my life, and their ability to overcome the nightmare of being victims of bullying.  My sculptures have been a labour of love driven by my passion for art, in which I hope this can clearly be observed through each sculpture. I know my work as changed over the last four years and evolved into the distinct sculptures in my degree show exhibition.  My hope for the future is that one of my sculptures will change or make a difference, to someone who is struggling to believe in one’s self, through being bullied, and find there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. My work has been inspired by the need to place a twist of fun, and celebrate the human form. I find that within galleries all over the world there are too many artists who create art with the configuration being about politics, causes, and I feel art should just be art to enjoy.   I believe that my sculptures  could have a good impact on the art community and inspire the public to be content with their own body form and find their inner beauty. I hope that my children who struggled with bulling because of their body shape, skin colour, and race. I  hope my art will inspire other people to gain self-confidence and healing  and even maybe a little joy.