Erin Cooke

Photography, BA (Hons)

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 For this project I have focused on creating a body of work that explores my journey with synaesthesia and spending my time experimenting with the best way to approach this condition. Synaesthesia is a condition that explores the joining or merging of senses usually associated with colour and I spent the duration of this project trying to make this a piece of art. Throughout all my research I decided to focus on the four main elements that make up this condition, this being colour, shape, texture and movement. These four key points created my work as I was never restricted on someone’s personal experience with synaesthesia but was simply creating a project based on inspiration from other artists.

Throughout this project I have researched a variety of artists from photographers, painters, illustrators and graphic designers to installation and performing arts, I did this because I felt that if I was to restrict myself to only looking at photographer’s work, I wouldn’t have been as creative and unique with my shoots and a huge portion of my work is created to not appear as an image so it was important to find inspiration from everything I saw. Something I have discovered during this project is this idea of going into each shoot with the mindset of creating an image that is a performance of colour and movement this allows me to think openly about experimenting with objects ,lighting and colour as I am expressing my thoughts and creating a visual pieces from this. This has also allowed me to quote each piece I make, ‘creating something from nothing’, this describes a huge portion of my work as I tend to use every day inanimate objects and create a conceptual piece that explores colour, movement, texture and shape in a minimalistic way. Using a condition as inspiration when I don’t have it was a challenging concept as I would spend a lot of time exploring the ‘why’ to each shoot I approached but this soon began to benefit the process of my project as I was free to explore everything and be creative in every direction I took.